One arm handstand push-up: people are getting closer

People work on it. People are getting closer to having it. Matthew Shoffner came up with an interesting approach, a very practical one. He didn't train his strength using one arm handstand push-up specific progressions. He trained it using weights (dumbbell presses). Once he got enough, or close to enough strength, he practiced negatives. This guy just went for it. In two months, he progressed to this:

It might not be perfect, since he doesn't lift his entire body completely... But he's getting close. Really close. Watch this guy.


Article on the one arm handstand push-up on

Hey everybody! I recently agreed to help someone writing an article about the one arm handstand push-up. I'm not the only author, as Paul Wade, author of Convict Conditioning, and Logan Christopher, owner of Legendary Strength, also answered questions asked by Alex Zinchenko, owner of Rough Strength. I recommend to anybody interested in the one arm handstand push-up to read this article. Also, feel free to comment, as I would love the comments section of this article to become a vector of training information regarding the OAHSPU. Here's the link:

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Thoughts on the one arm handstand push up

So, I decided to write an article to talk about the one arm handstand push up (OAHSPU). I hope many people will be interested. One important thing to know: I haven't succeeded doing this move yet. I train it, I'm getting closer, but I cannot do it at the moment and I will likely need a few more years of training to achieve it. I nevertheless want to share with you my updated discoveries about the OAHSPU.


One arm handstand progressions, by Yuri Marmerstein

Hand balancer Yuri Marmerstein, who is to soon publish a book on handstands, just released a video where he shows some of his progressions to learn to do a one arm handstand. If you feel ready to learn it (you need to be able to hold a very still handstand for a good two minutes, have your pike press to handstand starting with feet on the floor, have a decent form and be very comfortable on your hands, per example - more details to come in the 2nd edition of my book, to be published in English in the near future), or if you're interested in knowing more about learning it, I suggest you take a look at Yuri's video:

His progressions aren't all the same as mine, but we definitely share a few.

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Increasing the number of HSPUs you can do when you’re stuck

Here's a very effective way of increasing the number of full handstand push-ups (HSPU) you can do, even if you're stuck. It's a tactic I used before entering a strength cycle again, and it worked very well after a little adaptation. Here's the initial plan:

1. Practice HSPUs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

2. Progressively increase the total volume of work until I increase the difficulty of the sets.


Yuval on Hands – Yuval Ayalon’s Facebook blog on hand balancing

A close to perfect handstand lineHey, everybody! I'd like to introduce you all to Yuval Ayalon. Yuval is an aspiring hand balancer who currently works for Dragone, in Le Rêve. He also used to be a high level gymnast. Even though I just said he was an "aspiring" hand balancer, don't get me wrong--he's excellent. Everything he does, he aims to do with perfect gymnastics' cleanliness and control.

Yuval is a perfectionist, he trained with the best in the world, (including master Claude Victoria,) which is why his handstands should be used as an example. His videos helped me understand handstands better, and I think anybody who is interested in learning good handstands should know about Yuval. I benefited from observing his videos and reading his blog, and so might you.

Subscribe to the following addresses:

Facebook blog

Youtube channel


«Ghana’s Fighting Spirit», cool article from Ross Enamait

Ross Enamait is a coach and blogger I admire. Not only is he a serious athlete himself, but he trains people efficiently and seem to hate gimmicks. Here's one of his latest posts I tought was worth sharing with you:

It's about fighters who had nothing and nevertheless trained to become world-class athetes. And his quote is very well chosen. Go read it. I've never spoken to him, but I definitely recommand Ross' blog.


TheSupersaiyan – Think like a real supersaiyan, like a champion

Motivation post by my friend TheSupersaiyan here.

Being a Supersaiyan is before all, a mindset. It’s not only about being strong, but having the soul, the mind and the heart of a true warrior, a true Supersaiyan.

I just wanted to share how i do everyday to stay motivated and be succesful in what i do[...]

Training Ultimate progressions


Anyone who trains should be searching for something: progression. Training is useless if it’s not for progression. At the limit, you can train for maintenance, but not indefinitely, and if you train just to “stay fit”, like by running on a treadmill in a gym for an hour everyday, I hope you like it, because there’s more interesting activities you could do that would have the same effects. But this article isn’t about other activities. It’s about getting better physical abilities, like strength. And let’s use my specialty as an example: bodyweight movements.

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My training philosophy

Stay healthy
Being healthy is essential for doing anything properly in life. Both your physical and mental abilities require a certain amount of health. Therefore, you should listen your body and eat good foods that contains a wide variety of nutrients. Eat enough, but avoid exaggeration. Manage to always have good quality sleep. This aspect is often neglected, but essential. Avoid chronic stress. Keep a good hygiene, but manage to challenge your immune system regularly. Feel what make you weaker, and avoid it, unless you train to become immune to it.