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Services offered:

Personal training and hand balancing classes. Price scale for private and semi-private classes:

-1 person: $50
-2 people: $40
-3 people: $30
-4 people: $25
-5 or more: $20

How does it work?

You contact me via email, text message or instant messaging (Facebook, Instagram). We find a good time to meet and for me to train you. A session lasts between one and two hours, depending on your needs and your level. I meet each student individually for the first session, the only exception being if you come with someone you already know. If I see that your needs and your level are similar to an other student's, I might offer you both to train together to help you save some money. If training occurs in my house, I have enough space to take up to three students at once.

Please contact me for more information and/or make an appointment.


Jonathan F.V.
Montreal, QC, Canada
(604)365-6133 (Please use texting)

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