Yuval on Hands – Yuval Ayalon’s Facebook blog on hand balancing

A close to perfect handstand lineHey, everybody! I'd like to introduce you all to Yuval Ayalon. Yuval is an aspiring hand balancer who currently works for Dragone, in Le Rêve. He also used to be a high level gymnast. Even though I just said he was an "aspiring" hand balancer, don't get me wrong--he's excellent. Everything he does, he aims to do with perfect gymnastics' cleanliness and control.

Yuval is a perfectionist, he trained with the best in the world, (including master Claude Victoria,) which is why his handstands should be used as an example. His videos helped me understand handstands better, and I think anybody who is interested in learning good handstands should know about Yuval. I benefited from observing his videos and reading his blog, and so might you.

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