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Thoughts on the one arm handstand push up

So, I decided to write an article to talk about the one arm handstand push up (OAHSPU). I hope many people will be interested. One important thing to know: I haven't succeeded doing this move yet. I train it, I'm getting closer, but I cannot do it at the moment and I will likely need a few more years of training to achieve it. I nevertheless want to share with you my updated discoveries about the OAHSPU.


TheSupersaiyan – Think like a real supersaiyan, like a champion

Motivation post by my friend TheSupersaiyan here.

Being a Supersaiyan is before all, a mindset. It’s not only about being strong, but having the soul, the mind and the heart of a true warrior, a true Supersaiyan.

I just wanted to share how i do everyday to stay motivated and be succesful in what i do[...]

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My training philosophy

Stay healthy
Being healthy is essential for doing anything properly in life. Both your physical and mental abilities require a certain amount of health. Therefore, you should listen your body and eat good foods that contains a wide variety of nutrients. Eat enough, but avoid exaggeration. Manage to always have good quality sleep. This aspect is often neglected, but essential. Avoid chronic stress. Keep a good hygiene, but manage to challenge your immune system regularly. Feel what make you weaker, and avoid it, unless you train to become immune to it.

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When serial killers took me to a field

It was in the beginning of September 2009. With a friend, we were leaving Winnipeg, heading West. We walked on Portage Avenue, until we got at the limit of the city. We dropped our bags, and lifted out thumbs. A couple of minutes after, I see a car approaching, really slowly. But even if that car was going slowly, it was zigzagging. I had the feeling that it would stop, but this time, I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not.