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Thoughts on the one arm handstand push up

So, I decided to write an article to talk about the one arm handstand push up (OAHSPU). I hope many people will be interested. One important thing to know: I haven't succeeded doing this move yet. I train it, I'm getting closer, but I cannot do it at the moment and I will likely need a few more years of training to achieve it. I nevertheless want to share with you my updated discoveries about the OAHSPU.

Training Ultimate progressions


Anyone who trains should be searching for something: progression. Training is useless if it’s not for progression. At the limit, you can train for maintenance, but not indefinitely, and if you train just to “stay fit”, like by running on a treadmill in a gym for an hour everyday, I hope you like it, because there’s more interesting activities you could do that would have the same effects. But this article isn’t about other activities. It’s about getting better physical abilities, like strength. And let’s use my specialty as an example: bodyweight movements.